Face – The surface area on an out-of-home unit where advertising copy is displayed. A unit may have more than one face as most billboards have two faces, one in each direction of road. Can also be referred to as a “panel” or “unit” or “frame”.

Facing – The direction that an OOH media such as a billboard faces. As an example, a north facing billboard is viewed by vehicles traveling south and vice versa.

Frame – a rigid structure that surrounds a billboard.

Finishing – The method used to hem the edges of billboard or large format billboards where multiple flexible faces to achieve the required completed size requirement. Finishing can include welded pockets or other operational techniques for hanging substrates onto billboard units.

Flighting or flight  the method of placing the printed display material for the contract period. Techniques include pasting of vinyl and paper, pocket and bar system amongst others for flexface material handled from ladders and catwalks and on occasion roping techniques. In some markets, Flighting is referred to as an advertising term which refers to the timing pattern in which length of an advertising campaign are scheduled to run for, sometimes divided into distinct periods over the course of weeks or months. Flighting technique allows an advertiser to know when their ad will run, and for media owners in turn to provide proof thereof.

Frequency – The average number of times an individual has the opportunity to be see an advertising message during a defined period of time. Frequency in outdoor or OOH is usually calculated based on a calendar month since this time period coincides with the standard contract practices, but can be reported for any campaign length.

Faded – Loss of colour brilliance due to length of exposure, weather conditions, or technical problem with production. Print materials and colours are affected by environmental conditions and generally do not last longer than 12 months.

Flagging – A uncontrolled tear in material used on the advertising structure, causing the material or substrate to hang loose and “flag”, which can occur due to vandalism or harsh weather.

Flex or Flexi face – is a durable, re-useable high quality flexible PVC material used in the production of various types of billboardsgantries, wall signs and the like.

Fully Wrapped Bus Shelter – Bus advertising display in which the entire bus shelter is covered with the advertising design.

File Format – Each different type of file has a different file format. The file format specifies the acceptable and/or required creative material needs to be delivered for production. The file format can be identified by the file extension name, such as: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PSD or the like.

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