TAMS – Television Audience Measurement Survey

Target Audience – The profile of the most desired consumer prospects for a product or service, listed by characteristics such as demographic, psychographic, behavioural, lifestyle, brand or media consumption and purchase behaviour.

Transit or Bus Shelter – A curbside structure located at regular stopping points along urban bus routes for people to wait for public and private transportation. Out-of-home companies often create advertising space on them targeting vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Traffic Count – The recording of the number of vehicles passing an out-of-home unit or location over a period of time, traditional a week or a month.

Traffic Origin – Research which provides advertisers with information about the audience passing outdoor advertising structures, not just those in immediate vicinity of the individual location. Such information is collected and based on data from local and international bodies and are correlated with residence data and demographics to pinpoint the origin and destinations of persons having potential exposure to outdoor advertising.

Transition – A visual effect used on an LED digital display to change from one message to another.

Target Rating Points (TRPs) – The total number of in-market impressions/impacts from a target audience delivered by an OOH campaign expressed as a percentage of a market population or set target market.

Transit – Advertising displays affixed to moving vehicles, trailers or in the common areas of transit terminals and stations, such as: taxi, bus and train/rail stations and airports.

Transit Displays – Displays affixed to moving vehicles or in the common areas of transit terminals and stations. Transit displays include, but are not limited to bus panels, train/rail panels, airport panels, taxi panels and mobile advertising signage.

Trim Size – The dimensions of an advertisement substrate once it has been prepared for placement onto an OOH unit, usually marked with crop-marks.

Travel – A mode of message transition on an LED display where the message appears to move horizontally across the display surface.

Taxi Advertising – Advertising that are part of mini-bus taxi’s, such as: wraps, internal ad panels and addition to ad space at taxi ranks.

Transit Advertising – Out-of-home media typically found on the outside or inside of public or private transportation vehicles or stations such as buses, subways, trains and mini bus taxis.

Tri-Vision – Advertising display usually the size of a traditional billboard that uses moving prism panels to rotate its surface. These show three different ad messages in predetermined order and for set amounts of time.

Trailer Advertising – A mobile billboard used for advertising on the side of a truck or trailer that is typically mobile. Mobile billboards can travel along and to locations based on brief from client.

Trim – The final size of a printed billboard after excess material has been cut off. Most billboards require excess trim in order to install. Billboards are traditionally trimmed and finished before flighting.

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