Wallscape – a format of billboards which are attached directly onto the exterior surface of a building.

Waiting List – A list where an advertiser can place themselves next in line for a billboard or other display that is currently unavailable.

Walking package 
– when of an advertisers creative is rotated across different locations as part of a single campaign.

Walking billboards or walking packages or networks  walking billboards or walking packages, offer maximum exposure by moving the advertising message (the creative) between locations in the given term/duration of an advertising contract. Affording advertisers exposure in different markets and consumers audiences. Traditionally done on small format 3×6 internally illuminated sites, also known as Metro Lites.

Weld – Method of adhering 2 surfaces of the pvc flexface. Pvc Billboards usually have “welded” pockets all round to assist with installation. Welds are created using a high frequency welding machine or a heat welder.

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