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Old Mutual creates impact in Ghana with huge building wrap in Accra

Financial services giant Old Mutual is driving awareness of its brand in Ghana with a massive building wrap on a strategic Global Out of Home Media site in the heart of the capital city of Accra.

In this way it has opted for size, scale, impact and a location that sees large numbers of commuter traffic.

The wrap itself is enormous and eye-catching, covering 815 square metres of a building situated on the extremely busy Ring Road Central in Accra. This road sees very high traffic volumes, thanks to its location between the central business district and the growing Airport City area, which is home to Kotoka International Airport. 

Although satellite business districts such as Airport City have been established across the city, Central Accra remains the administrative and cultural centre, hosting government ministries, hotels, businesses, and financial institutions.

Ring Road Central also separates central Accra from the outlying suburbs and is therefore a popular commuter route for Accra residents, whilst the area around the Old Mutual building wrap is dotted with a number of insurance companies, banks and hotels. 

“This particular building wrap is hard to miss and is guaranteed to catch the eye of the many Accra residents making use of Ring Road Central for their daily commute,” says Marcell Entres, Global Out of Home Media’s General Manager. “It’s a great example of how size and scale can play an effective role as a brand amplifier and drive increased levels of awareness in a short space of time.”

The size and stature of the Old Mutual building wrap is befitting of such a premium financial services brand and this execution is an example of how Out of Home advertising is able to further elevate status through size, scale and dominance, as well as drive brand awareness.

Further strengthening the case for Old Mutual’s investment in this Accra building wrap is that Ghana is an attractive market.  

In Nielsen’s ‘Edition 8, Quarter 1, 2019, Africa’s Prospects – Macro, Business, Consumer & Retail Indicators’1 report, Ghana was cited as one of the continent’s more consistent performers.

“According to the International Monetary Fund, Ghana is expected to be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and companies share this positive outlook, rating Ghana as Africa’s second-best business prospect with improved country and own business growth expectations,” said the report.

In recent years the oil, gold and cocoa producer has had one of the top 10 fastest-growing economies in Africa, and the IMF forecast average growth of 5% in the near term following its successful completion of an IMF programme last year.

That being said, the landscape has obviously now changed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Ghana’s sure footing prior to the outbreak should stand it in good stead, once the recovery period gets underway.

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