Post date: lundi octobre 28, 2019

Global Out of Home Media has re-launched one of its most exciting and dynamic product offerings, in the form of its extensive ‘twins’ billboard sites across Cameroon.

These billboards are 3m x 6m and 3m x 12m in size and situated in key locations across the country. Campaign sites such as these offer reach to urban neighbourhoods with large communities in the arterials of major city centres – taxi ranks, commuter bus and railway stations covering major high traffic routes, commercial, industrial and residential locations.

The nature of the ‘twins’ strategy is to position two of these billboards in close proximity to each other – either on opposite sides of the road or a short distance away – and this unique proposition is ideal for brands looking for broader market coverage, not just in the big city centres. With an extensive site list, this offering provides scale and frequency, and the billboards are strategically positioned to deliver geographic spread and targeted campaign messages for core FMCG markets.

This affords advertisers and brands the opportunity to run short to medium-term strategic campaigns, and the billboards are able to extend advertising message reach via packages, to ensure coverage and reach in different locations to key consumer demographics. The effective ‘doubling up’ when booking a ‘twins’ campaign ensures that advertisers enjoy higher frequency and more impacts per location

“The twins strategy is a great example of how out of home is the prime format with which to reach the FMCG market on a daily basis, and in close proximity to where they live and shop, » says Romain Guillemard, Global Out Of Home Media’s General Manager. « But, what makes these sites unique is that they are scalable, as a result of the large number of units, they are located at the entrance and exit of key cities, covering all nine regions of Cameroon. This allows Global Out of Home Media to offer clients the opportunity to advertise on a national basis in key locations in the country and build incredibly high awareness levels of their product.”

It’s well-documented that high inflationary conditions curb consumer spending capacity and that brands need to adapt to ongoing fluctuations within their portfolio and pricing mix to sustain consumer demand.

But, Cameroon has this in its favour.

In Nielsen’s ‘Africa’s Prospects Indicator, Edition 8, Quarter 1 2019’ report1, which looks at macro, business, consumer and retail indicators, it points to the fact that of the 17 sub-Saharan African countries it surveyed for the report, Cameroon ranked alongside Rwanda and behind only Cote d’Ivoire on the list of countries with the lowest inflation rates, with inflation of less than 3%, making for a favourable consumer spend environment.

This favourable environment makes for a close fit with Global Out of Home Media’s plan to refurbish an initial 100 ‘twin’ sites it currently has in its Cameroon portfolio, with the goal to make this offering even more attractive to customers wanting coverage, scale and highly sought-after environments and audiences in this vibrant African country.