Post date: mardi février 18, 2020

Global Out of Home Media has continued its efforts to strengthen its presence in Nigeria by hosting a launch event in Lagos at the end of 2019 that provided it with the opportunity to engage one-on-one with a host of important clients.

The event took place over two days at Club 38, Bamboo Lounge with separate days dedicated to engaging with agencies and direct clients, over the course of two consecutive cocktail evenings.

This allowed Global Out of Home Media to engage with nearly 150 industry executives and detail first hand just some of the initiatives it plans to roll out in Nigeria in 2020, as it looks to consolidate its strong position in the country and further its objective of providing advertisers with attractive out of home options with which to engage this market.

« There’s just no substitute for engaging and connecting with clients on-on-one, and in a market such as Nigeria it’s of even greater importance, with huge value placed on personal relationships,” says Patrick De Robillard, Global Out of Home Media’s Sales Director.

Global Out of Home Media already enjoys a significant billboard presence in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, but has also embarked on an aggressive digital strategy that will include the further development of large format digital billboard sites across the country.

It has also beefed up its staff complement, invested in a new asset management system that will allow it to improve its service delivery, and is in the process of conducting in-depth research. The research has been initiated in order to better understand the unique Nigerian market, with a focus on what advertisers are looking for from media partners in this market, along with gaining a better understanding of the Nigerian consumer.